Instructor Recruiting

Teach Young Learners at Minerva

Minerva has been providing language learning services to young learners for over 35 years in Japan. As members of the Benesse Group, Minerva and Berlitz Japan provide a variety of enjoyable and challenging English language programs.

Our Services

Minerva offers language learning services to children of all ages

  • Over 400 English Language Schools Nationwide
  • ALT Services in Both Kanto and Kansai Region
  • International Pre-School/ Kindergarten Operation
    (1 in Kanagawa, 1 in Hyogo)
  • English Events (Camps, Concerts, Workshops)
  • Marketing Educational Solutions for Kindergartens
  • Training and Development of English Teachers

Available Positions

Minerva offers a wide range of language learning services to young learners. Minerva’s extensive network of clientele has positions to highlight the teaching style you love most.

English Language School (ELS)

English Language School (ELS)

ELS Teachers have set weekly classes (5-60 min lessons, up to 8 students/ class) to teach students from mainly 1-12 years old. Schools are often located inside shopping centers for convenience and concentrated customer traffic. ELS Teacher will deliver lessons to enhance students’ language, social and communication skills.

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

ALTs have the privilege of working with Japanese teachers and faculty at public schools. ALTs can also participate in school event and share a multicultural view with the entire student body.



Minerva offers dispatch services to group companies and corporate clientele. Dispatch teachers flexibly manage their work schedule to participate in English events such as concerts, workshops, and seasonal camps.

Recruiting Process

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Screening
  • 3. Initial Interview
  • 4. Follow Up/ Final Interview
  • 5. Employment Offer
  • 6. Contract Signing

Open Positions

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  • UP Urgent Position
  • NEW New Arrival
  • SI Includes Social Insurance
  • CA Has Conditional Allowance
  • RT Requires Long Distance Travel